Edna stats for 1/17 and 1/20

Edna vs. Tidehaven 1/20
win, 56-46

Khaliyl Barnes 2 points, 1 def. reb., 1 assist, 2 steals, 2 deflections
Deion Callis 20 points, 3 off. 7 def. rebs., 2 steals, 2 deflections
Kenny Haynes 14 points, 5 off, 5 def. rebs., 7 assists, 4 steals, 4 deflections
Jeffrey Muncrief 2 points, 2 off. 1 def. reb.
Dayton McCoy 1 deflection
Terrell National 8 points, 2 three, 2 off. 5 def. rebs., 2 assists, 6 steals, 2 deflections
Landon O’Connor 4 points, 1 three, 2 off. 4 def. rebs., 1 assist, 2 steals, 1 block, 3 deflections
Cade Orsak 2 points, 2 off. 4 def. rebs., 1 assist, 1 steal, 2 deflections
Reese Orsak 4 points, 1 off. 2 def. rebs., 2 blocks
Tristen Pruitt 2 def. rebs, 1 steal, 1 block, 1 deflection

Edna vs. Boling 1/17
Cowboy win 68-41


Ganado scores for 1/17 and 1/20

At Shiner 1/17
Indian win

Halftime: Ganado. 31 Shiner 24

Final: Ganado 56 Shiner 42

Matt Bridges 33 points, 6 threes
Sergio Martinez. 8 points, 2 threes
Jorge Campuzano 6 points
Garrrett McCann 4 points
Malcolm Chaisson 3 points
Adrian Mata 2 points

Ganado win against Weimar 1/20

Halftime. Ganado 25 Weimar 16

Final: Ganado 47 Weimar 44

Bridges 27 points, 3 threes
Martinez. 13 points, 3 threes
McCann 3 points
Toby Ortiz 2 points
Campuzano 2 points

Maidens vs. Shiner 1/17
Q1: Shiner 15, Ganado 4
Q2: Shiner 28, Maidens 8
Q3: Shiner 33, Ganado 16
final: 50-20, Maiden loss

Maidens vs. Weimar 1/20
loss, 62-30


Cobra statistics for 1/17 and 1/20

Cobras boys vs. Palacios 1/17
Cobra loss, 36-33

Cobras boys vs. Van Vleck, 1/20
Cobra loss, 55-42

Cobras vs Sharks 1/17
Cobra loss, 42-30

Skylar Lenamon 1 off. 2 def. rebs., 1 assist, 1 steal
Reagan Doyle 2 points, 3 def. rebs., 1 assist, 2 steals
Desiree Hill 4 points, 1 off. 1 def. rebs., 3 assists, 5 steals, 4 blocks
Caeli Taylor 3 points, 1 three, 3 def. rebs., 1 assist, 1 steal
Kylann Griffith 4 points, 2 off. 3 def. rebs.
Sarah Kusak 5 points, 1 three, 2 off. 2 def. rebs., 1 assist, 1 steal
Savhannah Kitchens 10 points, 3 off. 4 def. rebs, 1 block
Chelsea Garza 2 points

Cobras vs. Van Vleck 1/20
Cobra win, 34-32


Cobras beat out Cowboys by 10

By Millie Diaz
Sports Writer
“It’s the law of averages. Eventually you’re going to make the shots, and we’ve missed enough in the last two weeks that it was finally our night to make them in,” Cobra Head Coach Rusty Roe said.
Industrial Cobras found their first district win against Edna in Vanderbilt on Tuesday night with a final score of 47-37, although Roe said the team has been in a scoring funk.
Cobra Dylan Guzman said he had some nerves going into the game, but was confident his team would do well. “We’ve been working hard at practicing everything: our defense, offense and shooting. If we keep working on controlling turnovers and making better passes and keep talking, future games will go well.”


Cowgirls win in district rematch against Cobras

By Millie Diaz
Sports Writer
Point guard Cowgirl Acajia Dickerson said her team played like sisters against Industrial on Tuesday night for the win in Vanderbilt, and she internally felt the push to be one of the instrumental pieces in getting the 43-41 victory. The first time the teams paired off this season Industrial won the game 50-39 on Jan. 6.
“I was focusing on leading my team, I’m the point guard, with Lexi (Reyes). We’re the control for us and we knew we were going to get the game or lose it. If we go fast, they go fast, if we get hyped, they get hyped,” she said.
In the first three quarters of the game both teams appeared to be evenly matched without either getting a score run. Edna led after the first quarter by one point, 9-8, and the Cobras led at halftime, 16-10.
The Cobras even kept their lead after the third quarter, 26-21.


County 3A teams face off

Cowgirls find a win tonight in the district rematch with Industrial, 43-41, although Cobra Sarah Kusak swished a three-pointer at the final buzzer.
The Cobras get a win in their first district game against the Edna Cowboys with a final score of 47-37. Kyle Alexander sinks a half court shot at the halftime buzzer.
Check here tomorrow for pictures and articles from tonight's game and last week's games.


Chancellor confirms retirement

By Millie Diaz
Huey Chancellor, Edna Athletic Director, has confirmed he will be finishing his spring contract until the end of June, and will retire from coaching.
He said he does not intend on moving anywhere though, because he and his wife, Dana, Edna golf head coach, are happy in Edna, and she will continue teaching and coaching at the high school.
“Edna has been good to us: the school, the board, and the community. I told the guys I’ve been hard on them and I’m hard on myself. This job is physically demanding and it takes a lot of my time. I coach at a high intensity and I feel like it’s time to slow it down.”
He hopes to find a position at the Edna Alternative School and work part-time.
“I’m ready to retire but I’m not ready to sit at home and do nothing, and I hope to be there, I think it’s right for me.”


Jackson County Hoops Showdown coming up


Ganado free throw contest

The Ganado Knights of Columbus Council #3204 will hold their council basketball Free Throw Contest on Sat., Jan. 14 at the old Ganado High School gym by the auditorium. You will need to bring your KC Free Throw entry form signed by a parent and your birth certificate or legal copy for proof of eligibility.


Cobras get a non-district win

Industrial Cobras boys win against Goliad tonight in a non-district game. Final score: 57-34


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