Teen uses knowledge from YouTube videos to save a life

By Millie Diaz
Staff Writer
“When I found him laying on the ground, I immediately thought, ‘I have to help him.’”
Cameron Pesek’s day changed on June 19 when a Central Freight Line truck crashed into the back fence behind Edna Pawn Shop in the early afternoon. Without a second thought, the 14-year old fled into action with chest compressions when he realized the truck driver needed resuscitation.
Misti Glaze, a worker at Edna Pawn, said a co-worker washing cars outside suddenly ran into the shop exclaiming a truck had hit their fence out back.
“So we lock up the store and go outside,” Glaze said. “I saw a man standing outside the truck, but then he fell to the ground in the next moment. I had just reached my boss Tommy Pesek to tell him what was going on, but when the man fell, I hung up on him and called 911,” Glaze said.
Cameron said he thought it was a random accident. “I thought, ‘oh cool, another crash site,’” he smiled. “But when I went outside I couldn’t find the guy and Misti yelled out where he was. I jumped over one of the trailers to get to him and tried to listen for a heartbeat but couldn’t hear one, so I did two chest compressions on him.”

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