Senior showcases skills at Bayou Bowl

If you turned on your television set last Saturday night to watch the 2017 Bayou Bowl, you might have seen Cade Orsak showing off his football skills one last time as a defensive back, #18, for the West team.
The Edna graduate was nominated by his coaches and he was chosen among 73 of the area’s top football players to participate.
“Most of the guys there were from 5A or 6A schools, I think I was the only 3A player there,” Orsak said. “And then when they learned I was an Edna Cowboy, they asked me if I roped and rode horses and milked cows. They said, ‘You’re a real cowboy!?’”
He played an outside linebacker position they called ‘The Bandit,’ which Orsak said is similar to a strong safety on a team. He was also one of two punt returners on the West team, but only recorded one yard.
“They had some really good punters on the East team that were hard to return. My one yard I got lucky on, right as I caught it a guy got to me and I was knocked out of bounds.”
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