Friends fulfill promise

By Jessica Coleman
Contributing writer
Before Jarrett Parker died, he made a deal with a young boy and his sister. The boy, Jermaine Zikuhr, was having trouble with bullies at school, and Parker sat down to talk to him and his sister Alexis.
When they parted ways, Parker said, “Next time, we’ll get snow cones,” according to the children’s mother, Faith Zikuhr.
Robert Mabe, a friend of Parker’s family, arranged the gathering when he read Faith Zikuhr’s social media post about the promise. In no time, the time and date were set, and plans were made to make sure the pair got their icy sweet treats.
On Saturday, June 11, almost thirty friends and family gathered with the children and their mother to fulfill that promise, taking the Ganado residents to the snow cone stand on Third Street, complete with a motorcycle escort.
Jermaine and Alexis were all smiles as they mingled, played with Sgt. Rambo, a retired Marine Military Working Dog owned by Lisa Phillips, and slurped on their snow cones, thanks to a group of family and friends who took it upon themselves to make sure a promise to two children didn’t go unfulfilled.

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