Enjoy each other

By Jessica Coleman
Staff Writer
My husband is a saint. If you see Brian Coleman around town, shake his hand, because he lives with me, and I am difficult. Actually, he’s also kind of an introvert, so he probably doesn’t really want you to shake his hand, and I’ve, again, made his life difficult (Love you, Babe!).
Recently, I became obsessed with goats. I’d watch videos of bouncing baby goats on YouTube, and text him photos of goats - all day, sometimes 20 in a day. He would call, and instead of “hello,” I would say “goats!”
I whispered “goats. We need goats. You love goats. They are your favorite animal.” while he was falling asleep at night. I bugged the crap out of him, is what I’m saying, but in my defense, have you met baby goats? They’re the cutest thing ever.
However, you know what we did in all of this? We laughed. He would call, and I’d say “Hey! Goats!” and he’d respond with some varia- tion of “you are so weird,” and we would laugh. Laughter is as much a part of our marriage as a common last name.
I can’t name a person whose company I enjoy more. He is my best buddy. He is a grounded, level headed man, who rolls his eyes and laughs as his free spirited wife gets far more emotional than necessary while snuggling a baby goat (I seriously almost cried).
I think marriage is so much better when you just enjoy each other’s company, isn’t it? In all the day-to-day stuff, like paying bills, and going to work. and obsessing over goats, I have someone to spend my life with whose company I love, who loves me for who I am. I want to share everything with him.
Even my new goats.

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