Ganado unable to hold Weimar back

    Friday night the Ganado Indians traveled to Weimar to play a crucial game against the Wildcats and lost 27-8. Had the Indians won this game, they would have been in third place in district, securing a play-off run. Altogether, the Indians made good plays, but penalties, inconsistency issues, and Weimar’s offense got them in the end.
    Weimar opted to receive the ball on the kickoff and returned it to their own 35 yard line. Two plays later, they scored a 60-yard touchdown to start the game. After only 13 seconds of play, the score was 7-0.
    The Indian offense was inconsistent in the first drive, and they continued to be throughout the game. Hand-offs to Matthew Sterling made gains and a pass from quarterback Michael-Douglas Maresh to freshman Gabe Aguilar got the first down at the Wildcats’ 28 yard line.
    Sterling got the first down again a few plays later; however, penalties against the Indians, an incomplete pass to McCann, and Maresh getting sacked turned the ball over. The next outing on defense made up for it. Many Indians racked up individual tackles, including McCann, Sterling, Malcom Chaisson, and Christian Palacios.
    With the Wildcats at fourth-and-one, the Indians won the ball back, but it didn’t come without a bit of controversy. When Wildcat Damien Brown was down very close to the first downline, the referees failed to measure the ball from that spot and instead picked up the ball. This minor infraction did not hurt the Indians. They got the ball back at the 27 but were unable to capitalize. Defense did the work for the rest of the quarter, notably by Mikey Malek.


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