Hopes still high for Ganado after 27-8 loss

By Hannah Janssen

    The Ganado Indians traveled to Weimar for a crucial district game and lost 27-8. The Wildcats scored in a matter of seconds once the game started and continued to hammer away.

    The Indian defense could not do much to stop the plays; however, they were on the fumbles. The Indians' only touchdown came from a fumble recovery. Aaron Lenhart recovered the ball late in the fourth quarter to score. Quarterback Michael-Douglas Maresh threw to Michael Garza for the two point conversion.

    Throughout the game, the offense got few first downs. Maresh was frequently under pressure from the Wildcat defensive line. Go-to players Garrett McCann and Matthew Sterling did have some significant gains and good plays, but they weren't enough.

    Defensively, the Indians were black and white. They recovered fumbles and held the defense back, including a fiery play that stopped the Wildcats on the fourth down just inches from the first down line. Mikey Malek, Malcom Chaisson, and Christian Palacios had good tackles.

    On the other side, the Weimar offense was able to navigate their way through to the end zone.

    The Indians received many penalties throughout the game, some of which could be questioned on their validity. While not the main culprit of this loss, that officiating could have had an impact on the result.

    Despite this loss, the Indians' playoff hopes still live with the game against Yorktown in two weeks. Next week they face Shiner at home for Parents' Night, kick-off at 7:30.

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