Edna gets their groove against Cobras

By Millie Diaz

    A win was earned by the Edna Cowboys 38-20 at Industrial Cobra stadium, bringing their district record to 3-1, with the Cobras at 0-4. Both teams led the game at different moments, giving the fans an intense four quarters.

    The first quarter belonged to Industrial, with Avery Milner rushing in for the first touchdown with 9:11 left. Cowboy Ronaldo Saenz kicked a 32-yard field goal to put three points up for Edna.

    Early in the second, Cobra Logan Gabrysch hit a high point when he rushed 67 yards, increasing the score to 14-3.

    Cowboys Kenny Haynes and Deion Callis scored the next two touchdowns, and Saenz kicked in the extra points, allowing Edna to lead 17-14 by halftime.

    Milner came back in the third and rushed for 76 yards across the field early in the third with 10:07 left, but Cowboy Matthew Aguirre blocked their PAT. Industrial led the game again 20-17.

    Edna responded with a little over three minutes left when Callis ran it in again and gave the Cowboys their lead again, 24-20.

    From there it was Edna's game. A Cowboy 27-yard pass from Landon O'Connor to Cade Orsak scored the only receiving touchdown of the night with 8:21 and a good PAT by Saenz, and Callis , once again the PAT by Saenz, bringing the final score to 38-20.

    Edna's Head Coach Huey Chancellor kept his team calm and focused after their win in the huddle.

    "Your future is in your own hands, and what I mean by that is, our District Championship dream is still ahead of us, understand that," he said. "We are in control of that."

    Both teams will travel next week: Edna pairs off with Rice Consolidated and Industrial plays Yoakum.

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