Compressor station concerns

Compressor station concerns   

 I am writing concerning the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company (TGP) proposed gas compressor station planned for the immediate Northwest side of Edna, just off Navidad Road, (822).     

Most  citizens are unaware of the planned compressor station, its location and the adverse industrial environment it will promote.         

Compressor stations emit particulate contaminates into the air, the noise from the 20,500 HP gas turbine/compressor is constant, and the building entry, outdoor walk, work stations and security lights will be illuminated throughout the dark hours.       

A serious concern is the possibility of an “significant incident”, defined as an accident resulting in fatalities or injury requiring hospitalization, $50,000 or more in damages, or unintentional fire or explosions.  According to Wikipedia, TGP had 92 “significant incidents” resulting in $88 million dollars in damage and 19 federal enforcement actions between the years of 2006 and 2014.     

The designated location is my primary concern. Tennessee plans to build this compressor station on a 50 acre site, just north of the city limits, near to dozens of homes and hundreds of citizens and a mere mile and a half from the Jackson County Courthouse and our city center.     

 It is an entirely inappropriate location, so close to homes, our city and county seat. A “significant incident” could put the City of Edna in serious jeopardy.       

If you would like to protest the location of the compressor station you can contact the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), or Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company. You should refer to TGP “Lone Star Project” in Jackson County.     

 Email is the preferred means of communication with the federal and state agencies. We also plan to have a petition protesting the location and asking Tennessee to move the facility to a more remote site. If you would like to sign or help with the petition, please contact me.       

Like the lawyers say, “time is of the essence”.

Joseph W. Bitter, DVM Edna, Texas

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